An investment and retirement plan specific to a profession, such as those in the medical or education field, needs special care. We at TrinityPoint Wealth can guide you through the unique nuances of financial planning, investing and retirement preparation so you can feel confident in your financial future.  

Medical / Dental / Veterinary

For individuals with private medical, dental, or veterinary practices, or if you are part of a larger network – we find that this grouping of business owners or employees have unique needs specific to their profession. At TrinityPoint, we work with many clients like you.   Whether it is throughout your career or upon retirement, we can help simplify your life and weave your professional considerations or business asset into your personal goals and financial plans.


Welcome Educators!  We work with countless educators at various stages of their careers.  At TrinityPoint Wealth, we understand state teacher pension programs, as well as many university and private school pension or retirement options.  We can help you maximize savings plans like 403(b)s, TIAA funds, and pensions, and assist you with evaluating the investment options available to you.  We can help you decide when to retire, what type of pension payment to choose, or how to maximize or integrate these pensions with social security and your overall financial plan.  We are especially mindful of the Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset provisions of social security. We have software tools available for this type of analysis as well.

State, Federal, or Public Service Employees

Thank you for your service!  At TrinityPoint Wealth, we understand the various retirement plan options available at the state and federal levels, and how these may differ from the private sector.  We work with many police officers or firefighters for example, and are very familiar with defined benefit pension plans, as well as 457 and 401(a) retirement plans.  Some individuals may decide after many years of service to retire from one career, take the pension, and then continue working in another profession.   For federal or state employees, you may have limited menu choices for your investment options and this may make it difficult to choose and appropriate allocation.  

At any stage of your career or upon retirement, TrinityPoint Wealth is here to assist employees like you navigate pension alternatives, evaluate savings plan options, or coordinate your unique employment benefits with your overall financial plan or investments.  We provide customized solutions built around your personal financial goals and unique professional benefits.